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Writer's Block: News development

What's the first major news event that you remember hearing about as a child? Where did you learn about it? How did it impact your world view?

When I was little, I always remember hearing about Bosnia.  I don't exactly remember the details of what was going on there.  I can remember, though, sitting down at dinner (in those days it was Hamburger Helper ALL THE WAY!  :p) and my dad flipping on the news.  It hasn't really impacted my life, but every time I hear the name Bosnia I remember those days with my dad.  Now that he lives far away, I cherish those random memories of Bosnian news over a warm bowl of Hamburger Helper.

Makin' a Short

Hey ya'll!

I am going to make a short, but I need YOUR help!  Equipment: A tiny, mini-dv camera the size of my palm.  I need your help in an actual idea of what to film.  Something simple, someting easy.  Items on hand: general house hold items, 3 cats, fake lake near by and lots and LOTS of fake blood!!!  ^-^  PLEASE HELP!

Inglourious Basterds Soundtrack

I will probably be listening to this album for the remainder of the year! ^-^ Thanks to all those you found the names of the song and the artists... especially renne

Need help finding a high res pic!

I need a High-Resolution picutre of the "The Swing" by Fragonard!  If anyone can tell me where I can find one, give me a link, or post it in... the post... asap, then I would be MOST greatful!!!


Exploring My Backyard...

Ok... not LITERALLY my backyard... but all of America in general!

I want to go to Europe BADLY this summer, but I want my BESTEST friend to go with me... however, I doubt she'd be able to go all the way over the big blue. So... instead... I thought it would be AWESOMELY fun to take a tour of our own dear country!

You know... we'll be those tourists that come into your cities and... well... act like a tourist!

Whilst "multi-tasking" at work I thought I'd do some research on some American Travel. However, through my searchings I have found that every state seems to have TONS of must dos/sees.

So... my question to ya'll is... what is the MUST do/see in your own state?

I figured this may be a little easier because that way I can get first hand accounts of fun attractions!

So please let me know where I HAVE to visit in our own homeland. If you have any ideas where to go in other states that you've visited, and not just your own, than I am HAPPY to hear about it!

I think the U.S. can be just as fun and exciting as Europe or anywhere else... and I plan to prove that... so PLEASE help me out!!!

Thanks for ANYTHING in advance!!! ^-^



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End of Ze World!

Otay... so I just watched End of Ze World... for about the hundredth time... and I was wondering if anyone has or could make me some icons for it!!!  ^-^

Here's a link to it incase anyone has not seen it!



UM... so yeah... I'm pretty bored and REALLY tired... but I don't really want to go to sleep... so I'm just gonna rant for a bit... about nothing really!

I just want to say how BUMMED I have been that there haven't been any NEW SPN... it makes me sad... but what makes me even MORE sad is that even though there's gonna be a new episode this week and after that... the season will soon be over... and then... what's going to come of the brothers!!!

UH... I think there was something else I was gonna say... but I can't quite remember.

I remember when I was on this other message board thing and I would get bored at 1:30 in the morning... I would go on to the board and start the most RANDOM "topic".  It would basically consist of me fighting with... ME!  But everyone seemed to get a kick out of it!  Hmm... I wonder if I can find some of the old thread thingies...

Holy batshit, Fatman!!!  I found one of my old post thingies!!!  Here... ya'll should read it... it made me laugh... but hey... I'm weird like that!  Let me just warn you though... this is actually almost to the day three years old...


Shweet... I made stuff!!! ^-^

Ok... so there are REALLY lame... but I made something... so go ME!!! ^-^

Oh... and the caps were by... I believe, marishna(sp?)...